About Us​

Our Story

Ganson Management was established in 2000 and is a boutique property management company that specialises in leasing, managing, re-formatting and improving retail centres.

Our assets are entirely managed in-house, ensuring dedicated focus, and the delivery of efficient and holistic service for our wide range of retailers, hospitality and entertainment operators.

We have an onsite management team in each location, supported by a head office located in Auckland’s CBD.

How we work

We know that we can only be successful if our retailers are successful. To facilitate this, we promote the best possible retail, food & beverage and entertainment mix, and provide the best possible property platform by refurbishing, reformatting, and enlarging.

We welcome shared success lease models.

We are collaborative. We do not have a “know-it-all” approach. We research the retail consumption in our catchments, engage with local community groups and councils, and talk to our retailers and operators about what is missing, and what we can improve.

As property managers, we design a scope of works required from our service providers, and whilst insisting on excellence in standards and service from them, we demand of ourselves that we pass on operating expense efficiency to our tenants.

Our branding and naming strategies are customised for each centre. We do not support a “one shoe fits all” proposition. We also believe that the marketing activities we conduct on behalf of our tenants need to have a positive meausureable effect on the businesses of our retailers and operators, and be a point of difference when compared to other centres.

  • Shared Success Lease Models
  • Onsite Management

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