Working With Us

- Bush Inn Centre, Christchurch

We know we can only be successful if our tenants are successful.

We work to facilitate this success by focusing on several key areas.


We must provide great support to our tenants to make their everyday operations as efficient, easy and as no-fuss as possible. Our properties are entirely managed in-house. Our focus is not diverted. We have dedicated custodians and managers onsite. In support roles at our head office we have technical property management & leasing, accounting, and legal managers. Through the combination of onsite and head office, we strive to be highly responsive. There is always someone available from our team with specialist knowledge to respond to queries, big or small.


We promote the best possible retailer, food & beverage and entertainment mix of offerings. We research the retail consumption in our catchments, engage with local community groups and councils, and talk to our retailers and operators about what is missing, and where we can improve. We are collaborative. We do not have a “know-it-all” approach. Understanding our local regions and connecting with them is important. This means being a strong community partner.


We have short and long term maintenance and reinvestment programmes to ensure our properties present to the highest standards. As property managers, we design a scope of works required from our service providers and insist on excellence in standards and service from them in order to pass on operating expense efficiency to our tenants.


Our marketing is customised for each centre. We do not support a “one shoe fits all” proposition. We also believe the activities we conduct on behalf of our tenants need to have a positive measurable effect on the businesses of our retailers and operators, and be a point of difference compared to other centres.